How did I get this lucky?? His polite and kind manner got my attention and I decided to ask him to assist me in my search. Since I was in South Carolina, he had to do a lot of leg work for me and on my second trip we found the home for me. It fell upon Takashi to attend all the inspections, he is so diligent and thorough, nothing went unnoticed or incomplete. "I am your agent and it is my job to protect you" he would say. He is quiet and kind, extremely smart and we are glad to have him now as a friend. (Anne C-H.)

   Our friend had known Takashi, and highly recommended him when we were looking to buy a home. After a few times contacting, we know why our friend recommended him so much. Takashi is very easy to work with and very knowledgeable about the real estate market. He told us each step of buying process  and has kept us in good communication by responding our calls and emails quickly. He is very professional and analyzes every situation logically like the outcome of bidding. We looked at about 12 houses and Takashi was very patient and encouraging throughout the process. In the end, we found a beautiful home we are very happy with. He also arranged to secure one-year home warranty for us. After the sale, Takashi kept us in touch and asked us how we were doing. One of the reasons why we like working with Takashi is that he considers his client’s satisfaction and happiness first rather than making a quick buck. We are now ready to buy another property for investment and are looking forward to working with him. We highly recommend Takashi for anyone who wants to purchase a home, actually we already recommend him to several of our friends. He makes the home buying process fun and easy. (Tina L.)



   Takashi helped us sell our house as we are relocating to West Coast. This is actually the second time we worked with him (he helped us buy our house), and we are so glad that we used Takashi's service again. He is very knowledgeable and supportive, and has been helpful in walking us through each step, explaining how things work, what's at stake with option A vs. option B, etc. In other words, he really helped us make our decisions, instead of making decisions for us. This made us feel very confident in what we were doing. He is also very dedicated and spends a lot of time with his clients; he did a lot of open house for us, which helped us find a buyer in a very short period of time. I'd recommend him to anyone, and especially for first time buyers/sellers who may not be familiar with the entire process. (Akira O.)

   I found Takashi on Yelp after putting my house on the market for a long, long, time through another broker. I did not know him before and it did take a leap of faith to choose him as my agent. It was a difficult situation. But Takashi proved to be conscientious, meticulous with details, gave me lots of advice with home improvements, some of which I struggled to accept because of the money it involves, later proved to be crucial in getting the house sold because he clearly knows what the market is and what buyers are looking for. Moreover, Takashi never runs out of ideas to improve the condition of the house, making lots of suggestions, most of which I followed, leading to stunning results. He was also very courteous and tried to accommodate every one of my requests. Since I am out of state, he was also very available which proved to be extremely valuable for me. When he was negotiating prices for me, I had some disappointment with the buyer's counter offer but decided to take it. He then went back to the buyer for another time and finally got what I wanted, much to my surprise. That's the ultimate gesture of true professionalism since financially he did not have to go through that kind of trouble but he really placed a customer's demand above his own gain. He also did some work fixing some issues and even did yard work before closing for me! I really can't think of anybody else I can place my trust on, so I would like to recommend him wholeheartedly, hoping people will realize what a great agent he is. He is not a five-star agent, he deserves six stars in my opinion. (Danyu X.)